Scribal Works

Alphabetically by recipient

Anna Ophelia Halloway Tarragon, Tyger of the East, AS 50
           words, powerful but brief
           scroll by Alexandre Saint Pierre
Brynhildr Ansvarsdottir, AoA
          illuminator: Adrienne d'Evreus, 

          calligrapher: Alexandre Saint Pierre , 
          word smith: Aneleda Falconbridge
Caine Ramsey, MOD, presented July 4th AS 50
Deormund Wulfscyld, 

          Grand Master Bowman, presented 7/2014, AS 49
Sagittarius, December 5, 2015, AS 50
Jamilia-al-Suba al-Hadid min Bhakail, OBT, May 30, A.S. 50 (L)

Leon d' Saint Aubin, OTC, presented August 23rd AS 49
Countess Marguerite inghean Lachlainn Archers of the Northern Army badge, NRWC 2013
Miron d'Allaines le Comte, AoA  April 19 AS 48
Pypa Ravenild the Seaborne , AoA January 25, AS 48
Samuel Peter Bump, OBT crossbow stand, presented 7/2015, AS 50 
Sister scroll for Tomas, Archers of the Northern Peaks badge, Birka 2014

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