Friday, February 26, 2016

medieval shell and other palettes

Inspired by my laurel, Isabel Chamberlaine, and medieval painters, I've been collecting shells to prepare paint in (to use like a palette) and with (as a calcium source).

This website has many links to resources about medieval painting and painters including palettes, brushes and grounds:

Real oyster shells found in excavations around London:

Shells as paint holders and palettes in medieval illuminations:

De mulieribus claris (BNF Fr. 598), beginning of the 15th century

Possible painting from oyster shell: 1420, St. Luke

St. Luke 1425-30
detail of that page:

Giovanni Colonna, Mare historiarum, ouest de la France 15th century
Discussion about that page:
Hopefully I will be able to read it some day! :)

1450-1460 St. Luke

1470-80 St. Luke, possible shells?

The wise man and the fool in a book of love poetry

Brush tray

Using pen knife to hold parchment 1480-1490 St. Luke

Cutting the pen:
1500 Portrait of a young artist

Hand held wooden (?) palettes

De mulieribus claris (BNF Fr. 598), beginning of the 15th century

1420 St. Luke

1450-1460 St. Luke

c. 1460 St. Luke hand held palette and easel

2nd half 15th c.

Mercury's children


1490-1500 Zeuxis

1495 St.Luke

15-16th century Timarete

1500 St. Luke

1505 NiklaƟ Kerner

c. 1500-1525 St. Luke in a book of hours (MMW 10 E 3, fol. 19v),

1510 St. Luke

The Miracle of St. Francis of Paola, 16th century

St. Luke by Niklaus Manuel

1520 St. Luke

1524. St. Luke in a book of hours (MMW 10 F 33, fol. 15v) by Jehan de Luc

1532 St. Luke

1530-60 St. Luke

1548 Self-portrait of Caterina van Hemessen

c. 1556 Self-portrait of Sofonisba Anguissola

1558 Self-portrait of Anthonis Mor

after 1565 St. Luke painting the Virgin.

c. 1575-1609 A young painter seen from behind by Annibale Caracci 

16th century

1580s by Annibale Caracci

1584 Otto Venius painting, surrounded by his family,_Surrounded_by_his_Family_-_WGA24343.jpg

1590 by Jacob Willemsz Delff

16th century self portrait Cornelis Cornelisz van Haarlem

16th century

16th century, a young man seated with his palette

1602 Marten Vos, St Luke painting the virgin

1603? Portrait of the Artist's Son Jorge Manuel Theotokopoulos by El Greco