Teacher of dance, cooking, card weaving, scribal AS XXX/1996 - present
Archery Marshal AS XLIII/2008 moved to
          Lt. at Lg 2018
Northern Regional Archery Commander AS XLVI/2012 - AS LII/2018
Scribe AS XLVII - present
Apprentice to Mistress Isabel Chamberlain AS L

This is Adrienne d'Evreus' blog.  It is a brain dump for my experiments, theories and the ambitions concerning my quest to learn how medieval scribes made and used their paints, dyes and other pigments.

Awards and Commendations:
AOA ('97?)
A&S Queen's choice for Heathen Peas at Crown AS XLIX (1997?)
People's Choice A&S for Saffron Water at Hadchester Caristia ('15/AS XLIX)
LadyBug token for the Iris experiments, GNEW XXIX (2015)
Inducted into the Order of The Silver Brooch AS L (2016)
Apprenticed to Mistress Isabel Chamberlaine AS L (2016)
Inducted into the Order of the Maunche (2017)

East Kingdom Gazette Arts & Sciences Research Paper #9: Making green paint medievally with spring irises and fall buckthorn berries.

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