Color Making Research and Classes

This is a list of projects I am researching and documenting about colors medieval people might have used for painting, dying. and stuff.  As progress is made, items will
become links and go to the experiments and results.  I don't promise this will be a fast process or an up-to-date project.  I only have a few other things going on...!   ;)

Pigments- class hand out
            Cornflower (Centaurea cyanus) references
              2017 Blue
              Blue and "brown" blue
            Elderberries (Sambucus species)
               Painted out here
               Mappae Clavicula recipe source discussion here      
               An elderberry of any other name, just don't eat S. ebulus
               Blue and "brown" blue (Neven)
            Indigo (Indigofera tinctoria)
            Lulax means indigo 2018
                 Woad (Isatis tinctoria)
                 2017 Woad blue indigo pigment production in the florey

        Exploring "Italian" and "Dutch" pink
            Buckthorn (Rhamnus species), Sap green for positive id, see this website
                    "quick and dirty" De Arte Illuminandi, overnight = sap green!
                     published in Tournaments Illuminated 2017
                        "Making Green Paint Medievally: With Irises in the Spring
                          and Buckthorn Berries in the Fall" Issue 202
                     published in EK Gazette "Making green paint using medieval recipes in May
                      from iris blossoms and September from buckthorn berries."
                     Experiment 1, De Arte Illuminandi
                     Experiment 2, Merrifield 420
                     Experiment 3, Merrifield 426, 558: vinegar fails, alum wins
                    Experiment 1, finding buckthorn
                    Experiment 2, De Arte Illuminandi
                    Experiment 3 "for dyeing skins"
            Iris (Iris spp.) USDA pamphlet and more references
                   published in the EK Gazette and Re-edited and published for Tournaments Illuminated
                         issue 202, 2017
        Exploring "Italian" and "Dutch" pink
        Ocher (Lemon Yellow)
               Buckthorn (Rhamnus species)
                  2017-2018 yellow from ripe berries (Merrifield 428)
                    De Arte Illuminandi, Experiment 2 green berries
                    Experiment 1
                    Experiment 2
            Calendula officianalis              
            Saffron (Crocus sativus) painted here  And more resource references here.           
            Weld: (Reseda lutea)
                2015: Planted seeds in seed starting formula 4/13/15.  It grew to a lovely rosette by the
                        fall but perished during the winter.
                2016: Planted seeds in Scott's topsoil 6/03/16                        "sow in situ in the spring and only just cover the seed" PFAF
            Rubia tinctoria, madder, roots
            Galium verum, wild madder, roots
               Papaver rhoeas L. (Neven)

            Lamp black
            Vine Black
                 Grape Vine Black
        Bone White
        Chalk of Eggshells

               Papaver rhoeas L. (Neven)
               Sambucus species (Neven)
               Vaccinium myrtillus L. (Neven)

Materials in medieval paint recipes:
          chalk, naturally occurring calcite and calcium sulfate-carbonate (Bologna Chalk)
          Chalk of Eggshells 
          gilding with garlic juice 
          Sal ammoniac

Recipes, Classes and other projects:
     Quick Cheese Class 
     Fine Cakes, a spiced sugar cookie
     Heathen Peas 
     Mulling pigments
     Pigments Handout
     Rendering Lard
          Lard Candle

     Scroll Layout Handout
     Urchins (edible mini hedgehogs)
     Shells and other palettes and tools in medieval manuscripts

I did some scrolls before I got carried away with pigment research and experiments:
They are listed alphabetically by recipient
Anna Ophelia Halloway Tarragon, Tyger of the East, AS 50
     words, powerful but brief
     scroll by Alexandre Saint Pierre
Brynhildr Ansvarsdottir, AoA AS 50
     illuminator: Adrienne d'Evreus,
     calligrapher: Alexandre Saint Pierre ,
     word smith: Aneleda Falconbridge
Caine Ramsey, MOD, presented July 4th AS 50
Deormund Wulfscyld,
Grand Master Bowman, presented 7/2014, AS 49
Sagittarius, December 5, 2015, AS 50
Jamilia-al-Suba al-Hadid min Bhakail, OBT, May 30, A.S. 50 (L)
Leon d' Saint Aubin, OTC, presented August 23rd AS 49
Countess Marguerite inghean Lachlainn Archers of the Northern Army badge, NRWC 2013
Mariette de Bretagne, April 2 AS 50
Miron d'Allaines le Comte, AoA April 19 AS 48
Pypa Ravenild the Seaborne , AoA January 25, AS 48

Samuel Peter Bump, OBT crossbow stand, presented 7/2015, AS 50
Sister scroll for Tomas, Archers of the Northern Peaks badge, Birka 2014

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