Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Adrienne d'Evreus' apprenticeship ceremony to Isabel Chamberlaine

Mistress Isabel Chamberlaine belts her new apprentice, Adrienne d'Evreus

 Isabel, Adrienne and many others witness both sides of the contract with their signatures.

Mistress Isabel cuts the cyrograph for us to each retain a copy.

Adrienne admires her part of the indenture

Alexandre Saint Pierre reads it to us.

Words by Isabel Chamberlaine.  Calligraphed on parchment by Alexandre Saint Pierre.  Sealed by Mistress Isabel Chamberlaine.

To fulfill the obligations and wishes of her late father, the arborist and artist, known as Scott Charles the son of Connor, all should know that this indenture bears witness that Andrienne d’Evereaux has become apprentice to Isabel Chamberlaine, scribe of this Eastern Kingdom, to learn her art and serve her after the manner of an apprentice on this feast of Saint Adelgundis for a term of years to be determined, during which term the said Adrienne will serve the said Isabel in all things lawful and honest, well and faithfully, courteously and diligently, shall keep the said Isabel’s secrets, and shall obey her lawful and honest commandments; she shall not do damage to her said mistress within the said term; she shall not waste inordinately the goods of her said mistress nor lend them to anyone without her order or consent. The said Adrienne will not knowingly keep any secret that may be to the loss or prejudice of her said mistress, but shall well and faithfully, honestly and obediently bear and hold herself both in words and deeds towards her said mistress and all hers as a good and faithful apprentice ought to bear and hold herself during the said term. And the said Isabel will instruct the said Adrienne in her art which she uses by the best and most excellent means that she knows, and shall diligently teach and instruct the said Adrienne, or cause her to be instructed by others in all matters fit and appropriate. In witness whereof the aforesaid parties and the witnesses below-written pledge to these indentures interchangeably and have put their signatures.

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