Friday, May 20, 2016

'levigation' and 'elutriation'

It's super funny to find out you've been using a fancy word because you think you're smart and always right... and you've been using it wrong!  Or not!

Word Origin 
verb (used with object), elutriated, elutriating.
1. to purify by washing and straining or decanting.
2. to separate the light and heavy particles of by washing.

[verb lev-i-geyt; adjective lev-i-git, -geyt]
Word Origin
verb (used with object), levigated, levigating.
1. to rub, grind, or reduce to a fine powder, as in a mortar, with or without the addition of a liquid.
2. Chemistry. to make a homogeneous mixture of, as gels. adjective
3. Botany. having a smooth, glossy surface; glabrous."

verb (chem)
1. (transitive) to grind into a fine powder or a smooth paste
2. to form or cause to form a homogeneous mixture, as in the production of gels
3. (transitive) to suspend (fine particles) by grinding in a liquid, esp as a method of separating fine from coarse particles
4. (botany) having a smooth polished surface; glabrous

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