Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Jamilia al-Suba al-Hadid min Bhakail OBT

Recipient:      Jamilia al-Suba al-Hadid min Bhakail

Award:            Order of the Burdened Tyger

Date:              May 30, A.S. L

Event:             SRWC & K&Q archery champs, Barony of Carillion

Royalty:          Omega and Ethyldreda

SOSN:            DE15-098

Be it known that Jamilia al-Suba al-Hadid min Bhakail al-Sayyidda has distinguished herself upon the occasion of Our Coronation. As autocrat she gathered and inspired a talented group of our subjects to create a glorious day. Therefore We, Darius and Etheldreda, King and Queen of the East, are pleased to admit her... again... into Our Order of the Burdened Tyger, as a sign of her achievement, being certain she shall henceforth avoid such follies ... until next time. Done this Feast Day of St. Hubert the 30th day of May Anno Societatis L at Kings and Queens Archery Championships in Our Barony of Carillion.

Words and Illumination by Lady Adrienne d'Evreus

Calligraphy by Lord Alexandre Saint Pierre

This scroll happened with a great amount of help from her lord, Rowen, who shared her current title and name spelling as well as periods of interest and favorite colors.  Then with help from my lord, Alexadre, who not only did the beautiful calligraphy but mentioned the Visconti hours, a page of which became the inspiration!

I first determined the size and chose LF33v of the Visconti hours as the inspiration.  I resized the inspiration and traced it in pencil to a piece of drawing paper using a light table.  Giving Alexandre the space dimensions for my drawing and his calligraphy, I sent him to play with the alphabet based on the same hours.

1. I inked the drawing then traced it onto the calligraphed 'blank'.  
2. Inked the pencil with India Ink.
3. Then I gilded it...  Three sections, three coats each before the gold.  It took three days.  So many little leaves!
4. Confirming with the signet clerk that the tiger was an unspecified blue, I chose the paint colors to reflect Suba's favorites, cyan blue and pink.
5. Two shades of each paint, plain dark cyan for the tiger, highlights, low-lights, tongue and ears.
6. My least favorite part, white work.  Getting better every time!
7. Touched up the black with black paint and cleaned up anything that needed it.
8. Ding!

It's difficult to reproduce your steps when you're not doing it... guess I should keep a better record while I'm doing it!

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