Sunday, July 19, 2015

Samuel Peter Bump's OBT

Samuel Peter Bump's backlog OBT project was fun and interesting.

Colluding with his fiancee and now wife, Wynefred, Alexandre and I decided to make a crossbow stand.  I first saw Godric Sprague's crossbow stands at Endewearde's Baronial Investiture and then at the East Kingdom University.  Though we have no evidence that they were used in the middle ages there's something to be said for not putting your bow on the ground at SCAdian practices and wars.

I had never done a 'non-scroll award' so it was a good challenge.  And by challenge I must admit that Alexandre Saint Pierre bought all of the materials and did much of the woodwork.

I helped round the edges with a router and traced and painted his arms, the Burdened Tiger badge and painted in the letters that Alexandre outlined for me with a nifty double pencil apparatus of his design.

Using "outdoor" acrylic paint made by FolkArt we hope it will protect the colors from sun damage.  I spoke to several different artists, woodworkers and hardware store personnel about what to use as a finish.  Each one recommended something different.  As a theater person, all around handy guy and experienced woodworker I decided to let Speedbump decide what to finish the oak stand with, if anything.

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