Tuesday, April 7, 2015

First Official Assignment

Recipient: Pypa Ravenild the Seaborne
Award: Award of Arms
Date: January 25, AS 48 (XLVIII)
Event: Market Day at Birka and Baronial Investiture, Barony of Stonemarche
Royalty: Kenric and Avelina
SOSN: KA13-087

Words by: Mistress Elizabeth Darnley
Calligraphy by: Alexandre Saint Pierre
Illumination by: Adrienne d'Evreaux

Alle beon he blithe
That to my song lythe!
A sang ich schal you singe
Of Kenric the Kinge.
King he was bieste
So longe so hit laste.
Avelina het his quen;
Faire ne mighte non ben.
Hit was upon a someres day,
Also ich you telle may,
Pypa Ravenild wit hwer bryghte
Lyndhaven caem, to serve her plighte
That ich am hol and fer
On this lond arived her
Sede she "mote I sterve,
This rengne ich schalt serve."
King Kenric her hine grette
"Lady Pypa Ravenild, feere now mette"
Quen Avelina demed it verray so
And King Kenric bid hure go
With Arms none to harme e hinder
Atte Birka eek Esten winter
St Poppo's feste, fife and tweynte
AS XLVIII, a Lady hendy.

I hemmed and hawed about the inspiration with puzzle initials and many pieces from the British Library.  I ended up finding some illumination from Ghent that inspired the piece. British Library Manuscripts Burney 345, Egerton 1151, Egerton 1066
Bibliotheque National, The Count of Meliacin by Girardin d'Amiens
Here and here.

Here is the piece in progress.  Alexandre Saint Pierre has finished the awesome calligraphy of Mistress Bess's inspiring words, I have traced my drawing and inked it with water-fast india ink.

Now the layers of Kolner miniatum tinted with red ink have been painted and let rest overnight before the gold gets applied.

Still in progress, further down the line.  White work is my nemesis and I repaint the circles many times before I'm happy.

Finally getting somewhere!  I love the 'filler' drawings, inked with red and blue Winsor Newton inks, inspired by period illuminations and integrating her hobbies.  The monster A tail was inspired by a wayward drop of paint that turned into the foot.

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