Monday, April 13, 2015

Miron d'Allaines le Comte AoA

One and all to whom these presents come, greetings. Be it known that we, Brennan Rex and Caoilfhionn Regina, have found the many good works and services of Miron d'Allaines le Comte to be of much merit. Most especially for picking things up, putting them down and for herding cats.

On this Feast Day of Saint Vincent of Collioure the nineteenth day of April, Anno Societatis xxxxviij we are moved to Award unto him Arms and make him a lord of our court.

[Space for blazon.]

Done by Brennan and Caoilffhionn at Balfar's Challenge in the Barony of Dragonship Haven

 Based on and traced from many pages from the hours of Catherine of Cleves.

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  1. This was a very special piece of work. I don't know why I didn't write more about it in the post. I had a great contact who let me know that Miron was very interested in foxes and dragons so I did my best. For some reason I also tried to identify the flowers in the illuminations I traced using Celia Fisher's _The Medieval Flower Book_.