Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Severe Backlog, Grand Master Bowman for Deormund Wulfscyld

Achieved: 12/1/1987
Awarded: 8/16/1989 Pennsic
King Morguhn & QueenMaurya
Grand Master Bowman

To all the patient and faithful of the East to whom these presents shall come,
We Morguhn and Maurya, King and Queen of the East, give joy and greetings.
Exultation and joy mark this day We delight in the display of skill demonstrated
by all the archers of the East and we are surpassingly impressed by the skill of
Deormund Wulfscyld in earning the rank of Grand Master Bowman,
such status was attained on 1 December 1987.
This accomplishment, attested to by the scorekeeper and
Captain General of the Archers, is a rare occasion and as such We wish
to laud this achievement in the presence of our subjects
on this 16th day of August, anno Societatis XXIV at Pennsic War.

Calligraphy and white work by Lord Alexandre Saint Pierre, Illumination by Lady Adrienne d'Evreus.  Inspired by Luttrell Psalter.

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