Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mulling Yellow Ochre

"To approach the glory of the profession step by step, let us come to the working up of the colors..." (Craftsman's Handbook 20)

Cennini's father brought him close to the borders of Casole '(Craftsman's Handbook 27) and my lemon yellow ocher is from Natural Pigments.

"Each color calls for the same method of working up with clear water (and to) work it up thoroughly, for it goes one getting better" (Craftsman's Handbook 27).

I measured 1g then added two more grams for a total of 3 grams of Lemon Yellow Ocher from Natural Pigments.  I worked it with the muller on my prepared slab with distilled water.

I'm not sure if the manufacturer intends a lot more (3 Tbsp was suggested and ignored by their handout) but a large volume seemed wasteful.  After working up for what felt like a long time (@20min) I scraped the mulled pigment into my straight sided jar and dripped distilled water onto it.

I cleaned my muller and glass slab with a plastic bristle brush, dawn and tap water.

More experimentation and painting with it to follow.

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